Mimi Brian Vance


The Words by the Handful Series
By Mimi Brian Vance
Four stories to help you and your baby communicate with baby sign language.

Milk and More
Boat and Bath
Book and Bed
Baby and Bunny

Tummies on the Run
by Andrea White and Mimi Vance, Illustrations by Rob Shepperson
"...Tummies round and flat and fun
A world of tummies on the run."

by Andrea White and Mimi Vance Illustrated by Rob Shepperson
"...Sheets, pillows, blankets, beds
Snuggles for all sleep heads..."

By Mimi Vance and Andrea White, Illustrated by Mary Cooley Craddock
"...Water on the move,
Sparkle, glisten, groove,
Sprinkle, shimmer, spray,
Mist that whispers "play"!

Veggies Vroom Vroom / Vegetales Intergalacticos
by Andrea White and Mimi Vance, Illustrations by Bill Megenhardt
"...Artichokes for landing gear,
And mushroom bumpers front to rear."

Mariachi Man/ El Mariachi
by Andrea White and Mimi Vance, Illustrations by Bill Megenhardt.
"... Jars are changing - can it be?
Look! It's a Spice Band in front of me."

Selected Works

Sharing Sign Language with Your Child - A Four Book Set
For A Good Night's Sleep
Going for a run - from a child-in-a-stroller's perspective.
Celebrating Houston's Discovery Green Gateway Fountain
Mom's shopping for vegetables, but I'm building spaceships!
Dad's shopping for spices, but I see something else!

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